India would be like

1. Larger than present,yet divided.

India would be larger than ever yet divided into various proviences. Those proviences might have been fighting with each other like vedic culture for supermacy.

2. More Islamic than ever

India would have been more Islamic due to the influence of Islamic emperors and rulers. The Islamic culture would have been deeply enrooted within the soul of India than ever.

3. Purely Indo-Islamic – Legal system

India legal system would have been a whole new era of strict laws and customs. No uniform civil or criminal code would have been there. Effective and instant justice would have been common across the states.

4. Divided more based on the caste system – yet no RESERVATION

India would have been divided more based on the caste system with no justice at all for the lower castes. (leave aside reservation or related provisions for the betterment of derived classes)

5. No Cricket

Local and regional sports would have been more common and Indians are left with more time for better sports than CRICKET and more gross domestic PRODUCTIVE time.

6. No Parliament house or President House

India would have been deprived of some legendary architecture and buildings across the country.

7. Rich and Prosperous India with more economic disparity

India would have been a hub for economic inequality and injustice with lot of money in few hands and vey less scope of economic and political justice.

8. A different Bollywood altogether

May be more creativity in cinema with less non-sense of aburd movies.

9. No central capital (like Delhi or Kolkata)

Every state/princely state having seperate capital and decentralization of resources more likely to provide better employment oppurtunities and less pressure on mega metro cities.

10. Less dependency on ENGLISH

India would have been in a different position than China with less languages in comaprison with China or Japan. With so many languages and linguistic groups India would have been never so united. So I think ENGLISH and its context is good/better here.

11. No Kashmir Issue, No Pakistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh and many more to follow.


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