Top 10 Branded Watches For Men: cheap branded watches

Top 10 Branded Watches For Men: cheap branded watches

Wrist watches are something which plays a key role in dressing and enhancing the lifestyle of any men.

Here is the list of top ten wrist watches from the world


Of all the extravagance watch brands, by being exemplary and incredible materialistic trifle, Rolex can be expressed as a standout amongst other watch brands for men. It signals achievement and pride. At first, it was established in 1905 and has moved to Switzerland in 1919. In excess of 3200 watches are delivered each day. Today Rolex remains as the greatest and most prestige extravagance watch brands.

TAG Heuer

It is one of the considerable Swiss watch brands. In 1860, TAG Heuer was established by Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer AG, later it was obtained by TAG Group Holdings S.A. Simply after this procurement, this brand has gotten the informal ID Heuer. Again in the year 1999, TAG Heuer was obtained by Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH) who is a notable French extravagance merchandise maker.


Being one of the huge player and best watch brands for men, Omega has taken the assessment of watches to the following level. This activity is the key which has taken this brand the distance to the moon, profound into the ocean and obviously to the achievement step . In Switzerland, Louis Brandt has Founded this organization in 1848. At first its fundamental preparations were take watches with its parts provided to them by the neighborhood skilled workers. Huge changes were acquainted with the organization just in the year 1880 when its moved to Biel/Bienne. After the dispatch of Omega Caliber, Omega has ended up extraordinary compared to other watch brands for men.


This extravagance watch mark has voyage an extremely long route since the very beginning it was established in Giovannis as a little watch shop. In spite of the fact that its central station still works in Florence, it’s assembling plants are situated in Neuchatel, Switzerland. It offers a decent blend of Swiss quality and Italian outline, best of the 2 universes.

IWC (The International Watch Company)

Established in 1968, IWC has the acknowledgment as a standout amongst other watch brands for men. IWC has the notoriety of offering the top of the line watches. It’s head quarters is situated in Schaffenhausen, Switzerland. It’s a piece of Richemont Group.

Patek Philippe

This extravagance watch make has the base camp in Geneva (Switzerland). From the year 1851 by outlining and creating a portion of the best mechanical watches, Patek Philippe is generally known as the lord of watches.

A. Lange & Söhne

Lange Uhren GmbH’s exchange stamp ” A. Lange and Söhne” was established in 1985 by Ferdinand Adolph Lange. It’s head quarters is situated in Glashütte, Germany. After the organization of Soviet has assumed control over the properties of this well known brand, trip of “A. Lange and Söhne” has come to the simply end state in 1948. Anyway , with the considerable re-begin in 1990, by and by it has gotten the pride of premium watch brands of today.


Until the year 1990, Montblanc was known for the extravagance pens and other written work instruments. The organization has chosen to grow its item portfolio by going into the extravagance watch showcase. Despite the fact that they have quite recently gone into the market as an outcast, soon it has picked up the notoriety by the obtaining of the world’s most costly and fame watch producer Minerva.

In 2006, with every other organization possessed by the Richemont Group, the fruitful learning of Montblanc was at long last converged into Minerva.


One fascinating reality about this best watch mark for men is” Employees of Breitling will get a Breitling watch” when they work or leave from the organization. The model, they are going to get depends on their position and different variables. At the point when a worker leaves the organization they gets a chance to purchase a Breitling watch at some reduced costs.


Hublot is discovered in 1980 by Italian Carlo Crocco.

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