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Today i am writing this blog on the most haunted places in Indore.

These following places are assumed to be haunted..


1.The Empty Building on MG Road

Years ago,a women jumped from this building and commited suicide. After this occurrence, neighborhood individuals considered this building is spooky by this woman phantom or soul. A few occupants guarantee that they heard weird clamors and paranormal exercises, so this building is vacant.






2.Gamle Wali Puliya

This puliya or the scaffold lies on the AB street, close IPS School. This puliya is scandalous for some terrible mischances and incidents. These mysteriously high number of high mishaps are related with a story. Individuals who have survived mishaps have portrayed a woman in white saree, who diverted their driving while at the same time crossing the puliya.



3.Lal Bagh Palace

It is said that this radiant castle is home to detestable spirits and phantoms. Paranormal exercises and weird clamors from the royal residence premises have been over and again announced at night.This is the reason the castle is shut and no one is permitted to enter amid the night.

4.Sukh Niwas Palace

This was worked by the Holkars of Indore as their resting place. Over the time, abnormal happenings were confirmed by different vacationers. It prompted the basic conviction that this place was spooky.

5.Goma ki Phel and Kazi ki Chawl

Despite the fact that these are not spooky spots, paranormal occurrences have over and again been accounted for here. In February 2015, a high school young lady consumed herself in the wake of pouring lamp oil. Her family and neighbors expressed that two other obscure high school young ladies persuaded her to do it. A similar story was affirmed by different occupants saying that precisely comparative cases had occurred previously. Every one of those cases additionally included two obscure young ladies bumping others for suicide.


The mysterious vacationer put close Indore has a rich and dynamic social legacy. Mandav has a wide range of royal residences and structures which are bound by a captivating chronicled past. The fizzled love stories of Rani Roopmati and Baaz Bahadur have cut a solid effect on the historical backdrop of Mandav. Individuals guarantee that their adoration still resonates through dividers of those authentic structures.

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