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Major “Baba” Harbhajan Singh (Aug 3, 1941 – Oct 4, 1968) was an Indian army soldier who died in 1968 near the Nathula pass in eastern Sikkim, India.He is said to secure the nation even after death.

After death likewise, he kept on serving himself on the border of China-India and has ensured the fringe until the point when he got resigned. This is the conviction of the general people of the Indian armed force and China armed force. India armed force on fringe trusts that there is a trooper/soldier with them who isn’t noticeable to anybody yet he is constantly present.

Baba Harbhajan Singh

His last posting was in Sikkim.He was lost one night while moving with his mates in a dangerous climate. Following day each one attempted to look for him but they were unable to hunt him and hence remained  unsuccessful. Each one suspected that he fled from here. After couple of days he came in the dream of his one of the batchmate and revealed him the area or location of his dead body. Following day as indicated by the Baba in dream, the pursuit group sought in that specific area and discovered Harbhajan dead body.

Everyone was shocked by this event.Again,after few months,Baba came to a dream of an Indian Soldier and told him that his body was died but his soul spirit si still there on duty.The event was ignored but later,some paranormal things started to happen in that unit of soldiers.

If one is going to commit something wrong,he was warned by a dream.If someone is sleeping in night duty,he felt a hard slap.Such activities were normal there.

Later,this news was reported to officials.Once china informed Indian army that there was a soldier patrolling on a white horse,who notices the cross borders of Indo-China at night.After many  such remarkable events ,it was accepted by all including govt. that a spirit of harbhajan is still safeguarding the nation.


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